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    CNFMA Judged A Woodworking Machinery Company Infringed Yuetong
     On Apr.25th, 2014, CNFMA issued the award, determining a woodworking machinery enterprise’s (in Foshan, Guangdong) infringement behavior to   >>More
    Shanghai Yuetong Won First Prize of China Forestry Industry Innovation Award
     China Forestry Industry Innovation Award appraisal was recently announced in Beijing. Shanghai Yuetong’s “wooden door automation special equipment development and application” was awarded first prize.   >>More
    Project of wooden door flexible production line passed scientific and technological achievements appraisal
     On Sept.8th, 2013, project of wooden door flexible production line cooperated by YUTON, Nanjing Forestry University and Jinken College of Technology passed successfully scientific and   >>More
    YUTON’s Another Full Automatic Door Production Line Ready to Complete
      Our company’s another customized full automatic door production line is under commissioning and ready to deliver before end of this month. Before delivery, we welcome door factories to visit and give some comments. This production line is composed of CNC door four side saw, edge banding machine, CNC router, CNC door lock & hinge boring machine etc.   >>More
    Ecuador’s Consul-General’s Visiting to YUTON
     This morning, consul general of consulate general of the republic of Ecuador in Shanghai, Mr. Jorge Hidalgo, commercial consul Wilson Merino Rivadeneira visited YUTON.   >>More
    Wooden Door Frame Corner CNC Sawing & Drilling Machine Development publish
     《木門門框角部加工專用數控鋸鉆機的研發》發表   >>More

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