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    CNC door four edges saw MJK6424H
    Product Specifications Description:

    Function:Used for door four edges precise sizing.

    • Design of main & scoring saw ensures cutting without edge broken;
    • Automatic middle finding to evenly cutting two edges;
    • Through type feed in & feed out to satisfy demand of composing the line;
    • Bar code scanning,automatic lubrication;
    • Automatic adjustable vacuum sucking worktable,to satisfy demand of door leaf"s size frequent change;
    • Equipped with pulverizing knife to pulverize residual materials,eliminating manual picking up;
    • Optional slitting saw incline 0-3°,to meet the need of saw cutting hypotenuse.
    Workpiece length 1800-2400mm
    Workpiece width 400-1100mm
    Workpiece thickness 30-60mm
    Main saw motor 4*7.5kw
    Scoring saw motor 4*1.5kw
    Overall dimensions 5500*3000*2400mm
    Weight 8000kg


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